The signac framework is configured with configuration files. The configuration files are stored using the standard INI file format. In general, two config files are supported:

  1. Project-specific configuration uses the .signac/config file in the project path.

  2. Per-user configuration is stored in a global file at $HOME/.signacrc.

You can either edit these configuration files manually, or execute signac config on the command line. Please see signac config --help for more information.

Project configuration

A project configuration file is defined as a file named config contained within a .signac directory. Functions like get_project() will search upwards from a provided directory until a project configuration is found to indicate the project path. This is an example for a project configuration file:

# signac.rc
schema_version = 2

Identifier for the current internal schema used by signac. This schema version determines internal details such as the location of configuration files or caches.