Scientific Papers

The signac framework has been cited over 50 times and has been used in a range of research fields with various types of computational workflows. Here, we showcase a few examples of scientific papers that have used signac. To find additional papers using signac, please refer to citations of the articles mentioned in How to cite signac or this list of citing works on Google Scholar.

We encourage users to add publications citing signac to this list via a pull request. To add a paper, put citation information in signac.bib and follow the formatting of this page. Papers are sorted by publication date, from newest to oldest.


Rose K. Cersonsky, James Antonaglia, Bradley D. Dice, and Sharon C. Glotzer. The diversity of three-dimensional photonic crystals. Nature Communications, 12(1):2543, May 2021. doi:10.1038/s41467-021-22809-6.

Identifies photonic band gaps over a space of 151,593 crystal structures. Simulations performed using MIT Photonic Bands (MPB).


Félix Musil, Max Veit, Alexander Goscinski, Guillaume Fraux, Michael J. Willatt, Markus Stricker, Till Junge, and Michele Ceriotti. Efficient implementation of atom-density representations. The Journal of Chemical Physics, 154(11):114109, March 2021. doi:10.1063/5.0044689.