Install with conda

To install the package with conda, execute

$ conda install -c glotzer signac

To upgrade, execute

$ conda update signac


This is the recommended installation method.

Install with pip

To install the package with the package manager pip, execute

$ pip install signac --user


It is highly recommended to install the package into the user space and not as superuser!

To upgrade the package, simply execute the same command with the –upgrade option.

$ pip install signac --user --upgrade

Consider to install optional dependencies:

$ pip install pymongo passlib bcrypt --user

Install with git

Alternatively you can clone the git repository and use the script to install the package.

git clone
cd signac
python install --user

Consider to install optional dependencies.

Optional dependencies

When using one of the alternative installation methods, any optional dependencies may not get automatically installed. In the case that you want to use extra features that requires dependencies, you need to install those manually.

Extra features with dependencies:

MongoDB database backend

required: pymongo

recommended: passlib, bcrypt

Graphical User Interface (GUI)
required: PySide