Welcome to signac’s documentation!

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The signac framework aids in the management of large and heterogeneous data spaces.

It provides a simple and robust data model to create a well-defined indexable storage layout for data and metadata. This makes it easier to operate on large data spaces, streamlines post-processing and analysis and makes data collectively accessible.


An illustration of signac‘s data model.
Instructions on how to install the signac package.
Compact demonstration of the implementation of a computational workflow.
A complete reference to the framework’s major components.
Quick Reference
Brief overview of the core functions, to serve as reference.
How to cite signac
Instructions on how to acknowledge this software in publications.
The complete API reference.

Support and Contribution

To get help using the signac package, either send an email to signac-support@umich.edu or join the signac gitter chatroom.

The signac package is hosted on bitbucket and licensed under the open-source BSD 3-Clause license. Please use the repository’s issue tracker to report bugs or request new features.

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