The recommended installation method for signac-dashboard is via conda or pip. The software is tested for Python versions 3.8+. Its primary dependencies are signac and flask. The signac framework uses the NEP 29 deprecation policy as a guideline for when to drop support for Python and NumPy versions, and does not guarantee support beyond the versions recommended in that proposal.

Install with conda

You can install signac-dashboard via conda (available on the conda-forge channel), with:

$ conda install -c conda-forge signac-dashboard

All additional dependencies will be installed automatically. To upgrade the package, execute:

$ conda update signac-dashboard

Install with pip

To install the package with the package manager pip, execute

$ pip install signac-dashboard --user


It is highly recommended to install the package into the user space and not as superuser!

To upgrade the package, simply execute the same command with the --upgrade option.

$ pip install signac-dashboard --user --upgrade

Source Code Installation

Alternatively you can clone the git repository and pip install it directly.

git clone
cd signac-dashboard
git submodule update --init  # This step is required!
pip install .