The software is tested for Python versions 3.8+ and has no required dependencies. Some features or backends are not supported by the standard library and require additional packages.

Source Code Installation

You can clone the git repository and pip install it directly (Option 1), or install directly from git (Option 2).

# Option 1
git clone
cd synced_collections
pip install .

# Option 2
pip install git+

Consider installing optional dependencies.

Optional dependencies

Optional dependencies are not installed automatically. In case you want to use extra features that require external packages, you need to install these manually.

Extra features with dependencies:

Zarr backend

required: zarr

Redis backend

required: redis

MongoDB backend

required: pymongo

Note that if numpy arrays are stored into a SyncedCollection they will be converted into a suitable subclass of SyncedList. No numpy extra installation feature is provided, however, since it is assumed that users wishing to store numpy arrays will already have numpy installed.